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One platform to label, train your data and deploy your AI Vision apps

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About Tuba

Tuba is a No-code AI platform that automates your machine learning process. One platform to label, train your data and deploy your AI-vision applications in a managed & modular process.

No Coding, No AI Experience needed, you can build Machine Learning Model (ML Model) easily like using apps on the smartphone

  • Label your data 10x Faster than the manual process.
  • Let Tuba's Auto ML engine build the best model for you.
  • Few clicks to deploy your models instantly as REST APIs & Visual Dashboards.
  • Export Trained Models for further use in your custom solutions.

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You can use Tuba as a “Labeling Tool”, “Training Tool” or “Deployment Tool” & you can use it as an End-to-End solution to manage the whole cyle for you.

Fullstack Tuba

Use the full pipeline to Label, Train & Deploy models in one place.


Labeling hundreds of thousands of images can be tiring, but using our labeling solution, you can label them in a timely manner, and prepare the dataset for image classification, object detection and image segmentation tasks, and if you don't have the manpower to train it, you can use our automatic labeling solution to help you speed up the process


If you have your data ready, you can import directly and configure your model for training, if you don't know what to configure, you can let our engine decide for you. Tuba's AutoML engine searchs intelligently across thousands of possible models, and chooses the most fitting one for your case, by combining automated hyperparameter tuning and neural architecture search.


Whether you have your model trained by tuba, or you trained it on your own using your favorite framework, you can use our SDK or web interface to deploy your model to AWS, GCP or Azure in few clicks, either as an API endpoint, or a visual dashboard.

Deployment Options


Founding Team

Mahmoud Abdelaziz

Chief Executive Officer

Samar Hamdy

Chief Business Officer

Mohamed Rashad

Software & AI Tech Lead



  • 1 Users/subscription
  • 100 GB/Month of Cloud Storage
  • 100 Hours/Month of Cloud Training


  • 1 user/subscription
  • 500 GB/Month of Cloud Storage
  • 500 Hours/Month of Cloud Training


  • Customized pacakge depending on your needs

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